On Rabbits & Frozen Embryos

It’s about time I posted an update (as opposed to an uncharacteristically negative vignette).

The summer of 2016 has been the summer of waiting. I didn’t write much, because there hasn’t been much to report on the infertility-front. We did finally receive the PGS testing results in August. But this was immediately followed by the sudden death of our rabbit, Mr. Rochester. Sometimes the universe has to remind us that infertility is not everything.

A Note on Rabbits:

People seem perplexed when I speak about our rabbits as if they are cats or dogs. Rabbits are actually extremely intelligent and fun pets. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of this, as the only rabbits they’ve met were confined to tiny cages or outdoor hutches. No wonder so many people believe the stereotype that rabbits are boring, low-maintenance pets.

In April of 2010, Alex and I adopted two baby rabbits from the Linden Animal Shelter. We named them Spike and Mr. Rochester. They’ve been at the center of our household ever since. Our rabbits live indoors. They are litter-boxed trained. They do not live in a cage. They come when you call them (most of the time), beg for food, play in our living room, and then snuggle down next to you to be pet. They have been wonderful pets for 6 1/2 years. Spike is still going strong. Unfortunately, Mr. Rochester suddenly died of GI stasis, despite emergency veterinary care. Here’s a pic of our boys from a few years back:

They’re lion head rabbits – a breed with a mane. Hence,  they look like weird hairy muppets.

PGS Results

So, as I mentioned, we received our PGS results right before Rochester suddenly died.   Because I am a crazy lady, the PGS stuff got put on the back burner and I immediately began the process of adopting a new rabbit companion for Spike. Her name’s Megan. She’s a sweetheart. Mr. Rochester will never be replaced. But, after a year of a lot of loss, I am thrilled to have some new life and energy in our house. I wish that moving forward in the infertility process was this easy.

Without further ado, our PGS testing results were great! Of our seven embryos, five were normal. Of those five, three are male and two are female.  

I somehow find the 5/7 number reassuring. We’ll never know why our first two transfers ended in miscarriage or failure. I like to believe that those first two embryos were abnormal too. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do to stay hopeful.





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