Summer Blues

A funny thing has been happening. People keep asking me, "What are you DOING with yourself this summer?"  Now, this question alone is not unusual. It's a semi-annoying question addressed to most teachers who have the summer off. It never really bothered me much before. Most people who ask me this are friends and family … Continue reading Summer Blues


To PGS or not to PGS: That is the Question

PGS = Preimplantation Genetic Screening This is the third time PGS has been put on the table.We discussed it before our August 2015 IVF. We discussed it again in February 2016, before moving toward FET#2. We rejected it both times. Why? Well, it's complicated - as is everything in this process. What is it?: PGS … Continue reading To PGS or not to PGS: That is the Question