IVF Cycle #1, Part II – Trigger Shot Shit Show

So, I left off right at the trigger shot at the end of my last post. Here's my description of Part II of the IVF Cycle. IVF Cycle #1 -Part II: The Trigger Shot Shit Show The trigger shot ended up being one of THE most stressful parts of the IVF process for us. For … Continue reading IVF Cycle #1, Part II – Trigger Shot Shit Show


IVF Cycle #1 – Almost Done?

It seems nuts, but we are already almost done with our first try at IVF -  because it was turned into a "Freeze All" cycle. It is a little surreal to be on the other side of it already.  Well, we're not done quite yet: I had my egg retrieval this past Monday and 15 … Continue reading IVF Cycle #1 – Almost Done?