IUI Cycle #3

So, IUI #2 was a bust.  Too many mature follices, triggered early to avoid a high risk of multiples, and then period came a day early.  I didn’t think this one would bother me as much, because my hopes were much lower than the first cycle, but it did.

We are in the midst of IUI Cycle #3 now, and on a similar protocol to IUI #1.  We started with 50iu of follistim, I’m assuming to play it safe after I overstimulated on 75iu last cycle.  In my first cycle, I was responding by my CD7 check.  Not this time – same dosage (50iu) and no response whatsoever.  Come on ovaries!  So, my doctor upped the dosage to 75iu again, and I was a little worried that I would produce too many follicles again.  But, I think it worked out in the end. I had a lead follicle at 19mm, then a 16mm and a 13mm on the day of trigger. So, at least one good egg, maybe two.

I’m now on progesterone (endometrin) till July 2nd, when I can take a pregnancy test.  I had to open my big mouth and ask the doctor about my progesterone levels i and luteal phase length during the previous IUI cycles.  The doctor didn’t think it was an issue, but put me on progesterone anyway, just in case. Great job, Jenny – as if you weren’t on enough medications already.

When the nurse called me with my progesterone level today, it was at 19!  My progesterone has been 9.9 during previous cycles.  So, it more than doubled due to the progesterone suppositories.  I had to stop myself from getting excited/hopeful, because, my progesterone level has no bearing on me getting pregnant in the first place – it is supposed to help maintain early pregnancies.  I’ve just never, ever been pregnant, so I’m not holding my breath.  But, let’s face it – I’ll take any excuse to believe that THIS is the cycle.  And, it never is.  Infertility has taught me the importance lowered expectations and defensive pessimism, but at the same time you can never fully kill that hope that maybe, just maybe, this will be your time.


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