IUI Cycle #2 – Morning Monitoring CD7

What better way to start a 4-day weekend than early AM ultrasound & blood-work? Well, I could think of a couple ways….

Actually, in all seriousness, I was pretty psyched to go to morning monitoring on a day when I didn’t have to immediately high-tail it to work afterwards.  Bad phlebotomist (see previous post) was not there this morning, thank god.  I still do not know what her deal was – all of the other ladies are so nice and I can hardly feel anything when they do a blood draw.

Ultrasound showed two larger follicles on the left side – (12&13mm) and one on the right (12mm).  Not sure exactly what this means compared to last IUI cycle. My follistim dosage is higher this cycle (75iu instead of 50iu), so I’m curious if they are seeing the desired response. I don’t really remember what I had at CD7 last time – I think that on CD9 my biggest follicle was 14.  I’m curious if things will progress faster this cycle, or if I will still trigger on CD11.

After monitoring, I took advantage of my day off and grabbed some coffee and a muffin from my favorite place down the street. Then I went home and watched the latest episodes of Louie.  A much better way to start the morning than going to work. All in all, not too bad, and it is only 9AM.


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