IUI Cycle #2 – Baseline Ultrasound

It’s good to feel like I’m actually doing something after last cycle’s TWW (even if that something is just needles, more needles, & ultrasounds). Today is CD3 of our second attempt at IUI with injectables. I am incredibly lucky that my doctor’s office is only 5 minutes or so down the road, so going to morning monitoring is not that big of a deal. I do have to get out the door bright and early , since I’m a teacher and my school day begins earlier than most 9-5 jobs. I usually try to leave the house by 5:50 so I can get to the office when they open.  It is much less crowded and much less stressful when you are the first person there.

On a random note: Blood-work actually HURT today. Getting blood taken NEVER bothers me, ever. It probably helps that I have super-easy to find veins in both arms. A new woman took my blood today, though. Right before she inserted the needle she goes, “you’re going to feel a pinch.” I definitely felt more than a pinch.

The ultrasound showed that everything looks normal for CD3. About 10 small follicles in each ovary, and a normal uterine lining.  I’ve heard that follistim can cause you to develop small cysts on your ovaries that can then cause your IUI cycle to be cancelled or delayed. So, I was thrilled when my doctor said he didn’t see any cysts and I got the all-clear to start injections tonight. They upped my dose of follistim from 50iu to 75iu – which I think is still relatively low.  So we shall see.


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