IUI Cycle #2 – Morning Monitoring CD7

What better way to start a 4-day weekend than early AM ultrasound & blood-work? Well, I could think of a couple ways.... Actually, in all seriousness, I was pretty psyched to go to morning monitoring on a day when I didn't have to immediately high-tail it to work afterwards.  Bad phlebotomist (see previous post) was … Continue reading IUI Cycle #2 – Morning Monitoring CD7


IUI Cycle #2 – Baseline Ultrasound

It's good to feel like I'm actually doing something after last cycle's TWW (even if that something is just needles, more needles, & ultrasounds). Today is CD3 of our second attempt at IUI with injectables. I am incredibly lucky that my doctor's office is only 5 minutes or so down the road, so going to … Continue reading IUI Cycle #2 – Baseline Ultrasound